Army Adverse Information Portal

Army Adverse Information Portal

December 26, 2022

Army Adverse Information Portal (AAIP)

The AAIP is a portal, or database, that contains "adverse information" on all Army Officers.  "Adverse information" is defined by AR 15-6 (glossary) as:

"Adverse information is any substantiated adverse finding or conclusion from an officially documented investigation or inquiry or any other credible information of an adverse nature. To be credible, the information must be resolved and supported by a preponderance of the evidence. To be adverse, the information must be derogatory, unfavorable, or of a nature that reflects clearly unacceptable conduct, integrity, or judgment on the part of the individual. The following types of information, even though credible, are not considered adverse: (1) motor vehicle violations that did not require
a court appearance; (2) minor infractions without negative effect on an individual or the good order or discipline of the organization that: (a) were not identified because of substantiated findings or conclusions from an officially documented investigation; and (b) did not result in more than a nonpunitive rehabilitative counseling administered by a superior to a subordinate."

Entries into the Army Adverse Information Portal (AAIP) typically result from approved AR 15-6 findings after completion of an AR 15-6 Investigation, a Military Police (MPI) report, or a CID investigation.  These investigations/police reports could result in an entry even though the 15-6 investigation/MPI Report/CID Investigation resulted in no adverse action. An Officer could feel as though they were exonerated but then still receive an entry into the AAIP.

If an Officer has an entry in the Army Adverse Information Portal (AAIP), a Summary of Credible Adverse Information will be created and be furnished to the Officer's promotion boards for promotions above Captain.  This Summary of Credible Adverse Information could result in non-selection for promotion, or a Special Selection Review Board (SSRB) if the Officer had already been on the promotion list before the Army Adverse Information Portal (AAIP) entry was made.

The Army Adverse Information Portal (AAIP) is not accessible to the Officer with an entry and therefore the Officer in question could be surprised when their promotion file is created. Any Officer who is under a 15-6 Investigation, has been presented with a referral memorandum for proposed AR 15-6 Investigation Findings, is the subject of a Military Police Report, or is the subject of a CID Investigation, should be concerned about entry into the AAIP database.  Such an entry can result in promotion stagnation, even if no adverse action results from said investigation or MP report. Therefore, Officers in these situations should immediately consult an experienced Military Lawyer to best protect his/her career.

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