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Military Defense Lawyers

Court Martial

Court Martial Defense

A Court-Martial is a federal trial which can result in jail time, sex offender registration, a punitive discharge, a federal conviction, forfeiture of pay and more. Having an experienced, aggressive, and hard-working lawyer is imperative for those accused.

Separation Board

Separation Actions

The Administrative Separation Process is the military’s way of attempting to fire someone. Service members facing an administrative separation risk losing their job and/or getting a less than honorable discharge.



A service member can be under investigation by several different agencies. Proper legal representation during an investigation is crucial and can help prevent follow on adverse actions.

Article 15

Nonjudicial Punishment Defense

Nonjudicial punishment can lead to loss of rank, pay, and a service member’s time and liberty. It can also be career ending. Service members have important rights when facing nonjudicial punishment that should be explored with an experienced attorney.

Letter of Reprimand


GOMORs can be a permanent mark in a service member’s otherwise impeccable personnel file. A proper response and/or appeal of a GOMOR can lead to its removal.

Security Clearance

Security Clearance Revocations

Some service members cannot perform their jobs without their security clearances. It can be a confusing process; however, service members are allowed to appeal their security clearance revocations.

Discharge Upgrade

Discharge Upgrades

When a service member receives any discharge besides an Honorable, they lose some VA benefits for that period of service. A service member has the ability to petition for their discharge to be upgraded. An effective, well written, and evidence-based request can lead to the restoration of VA benefits.

Court Martial

ROTC Disenrollment

ROTC Cadets can be disenrolled from their program, be required to pay the federal government back (recoupment), and receive a less than honorable discharge. Before doing so, Cadets do receive due process and have the opportunity to defend themselves.

Evaluation Reponses


Military promotions can be held up for a variety of reasons. A well-written letter to the president of the promotion board or rebuttal to a promotion review can make all the difference.


Flying Evaluation Boards

The Military can attempt to prevent pilots from flying in the Military or terminate their FAA ratings. Before doing so, pilots are afforded due process where they can defend themselves.


Property Loss Investigations

The Government will sometimes attempt to charge service members for lost items. Despite what is commonly thought, complex legal analysis must be completed before this can be done. Service members should consult with an attorney before ever accepting a bill for property loss.

Other military matters

The Law Office of Matthew Barry represents Servicemembers undergoing Courts-Martial, Separations, Investigations, GOMORs, ROTC Disenrollments, Article 15s, Flying Evaluation Boards, West Point Cases, Promotions, Force Reductions, Discharges, other Records Corrections, Security Clearance Revocations, Evaluation Appeals/Responses, and Property Loss Investigations.

About the Firm

Attorney Matthew Barry is an experienced military defense lawyer who aggressively defends servicemen and women around the world accused of misconduct. He served in the Army for 11 years and is a retired Major. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and the University of Texas School of Law.

Attorney Barry and his Team have represented servicemen and women for all types of allegations. They have extensive experience with sexual assault/rape cases, sexual misconduct cases, domestic violence cases, drug cases, AWOL cases, senior officer and enlisted investigations, DUI cases, and more.

Mr. Barry has a history of getting results and is rated 5/5 stars by his clients on the lawyer review website

Attorney Barry and his Team will travel to any military installation, worldwide. Watch the video, click the button below, or contact us today to start the process of getting a hard-hitting, results-oriented, and experienced lawyer in your corner.

The Firm's High Profile Former Clients Include

A member of the Bin Laden Raid, a senior leader in PFC Vanessa Guillen’s Chain of Command, numerous members of the Special Forces Community, 160th SOAR Pilots, and various Servicemembers accused of Premeditated Murder, Unpremeditated Murder, Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, Dereliction of Duty Resulting in Death, Adult and Child Sex Crimes, Aggravated Assault, and more

Articles Written by Attorney Barry

Withdrawal of Federal Recognition Process

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Army Reserve Enlisted Separations

Army Reserve Enlisted Separations are governed AR 135-178, available at this link. This article is meant to address the Army Reserve Enlisted…


Army Reserve Officer Eliminations

Army Reserve Officer Eliminations are governed by AR 135-175, available at this link.   This article is meant to address involuntary separations. Army…


AGR Removal Process

AGR Removal Process This Article addresses the process to remove a National Guard Soldier/Officer from Full Time National National Guard Duty Title…


Army Senior Leader Misconduct

Army Senior Leader Misconduct, contrary to popular belief, is not addressed under a single uniform policy.  For example, neither AR 600-20 nor…


Army Recruiter Misconduct

Army Recruiter Misconduct has been the target of one of the most recent UCMJ updates, Article 93a. Article 93a of the UCMJ…


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