Military Servicemember Investigations

Investigations into servicemembers can be conducted by a variety of agencies and can take many different forms. Each service has their own Criminal Investigative Agency (CID, NCIS, CGIS, OSI) who conduct investigations for felony level investigations. The Military Police, on the other hand, generally conduct investigations into misdemeanors. Servicemembers are also sometimes investigated by Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement. Finally, servicemembers are often investigated by their commands through an investigating officer.

Why Representation Matters

If a servicemember is under investigation they should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. No matter who is conducting the investigation the consequences can be severe. Speaking to an attorney early on can only help. Many servicemembers end up saying “I wish I had spoken to a lawyer earlier.” Don’t let that be you. Even if a servicemember thinks they have nothing to hide and are completely innocent in the matter, it is still advisable to meet with an attorney to help guide them through the investigation. The number of innocent people convicted of crimes they did not do would shock the average person. It can only help a servicemember to seek legal counsel early on in an investigation.

There are military lawyers (public defenders) available to advise servicemembers during investigations on every installation; however, advising those under investigation is generally not a priority for them. They are usually overworked to begin with and are busy dealing with Courts-Martial, Administrative Separations and other legal actions. Servicemembers may experience trouble getting a public defender to talk to them in a timely manner and pay appropriate attention to the matter.

Client Testimonial

“Attorney Barry literally saved my career. He defended me against a false claim of sexual harassment. He listened to my story, took the facts and protected me from myself when my frustration and anger began to boil over. He listened to my annoyance and aggravation and provided calm, firm advice and guided me through the interviews and questioning involved in the investigation.

Attorney Barry’s aggressive, but professional approach forced the other party to try to withdraw the complaint once the truth was known, but when the investigation progressed and I was cleared, the other party had no choice but to transfer. I am able to continue my military career without the stigma of a sexual harassment conviction and will retire with full benefits and privileges with over 30 years of service. I highly recommend Attorney Barry.”

- E9, U.S. Army

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