Property Loss Investigations

What are they?

When equipment is lost, unaccounted for, or damaged, the Government will often attempt to charge a servicemember for it. While each service varies on how they do this, they all follow the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation, Chapter 7.

A common misconception amongst servicemembers is that if property goes missing and they were “signed” for it, they are responsible. That is not necessarily the case. The loss or damage to the property must be proximately caused by a servicemember’s negligence or abuse. This is a complicated analysis and why it is a good idea for a servicemember facing a property loss investigation to meet with an attorney.

Why Representation Matters

Servicemembers will have military counsel (public defenders) available to assist them with a financial loss investigations. The attorneys assigned to assist servicemembers in financial loss investigations are generally very new to the service. Often times it is their first assignment in the JAG Corps.

Servicemembers have the option to hire their own civilian counsel. Hiring an experienced attorney can make all the difference.

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