West Point Defense Lawyer

West Point Defense Lawyer

October 27, 2020

Attorney Matthew Barry is an experienced West Point Defense lawyer.  As a 2008 West Point graduate, former Commander, and former JAG officer, he is uniquely situated to defend West Point cadets and Graduates accused of misconduct.

Regarding Cadets at West Point, they are subject to Courts Martial and other lesser forms of punishment just like regular Officers and Soldiers in the Army.  Click to read about the West Point Misconduct System or the West Point Honor Code Violation System. Cadets have important rights and are entitled to legal representation when undergoing any form of punishment or proceeding.

Having a lawyer who understands life at West Point is vital to success. It is a unique environment, with its own culture, terminology, and procedures.

Furthermore, West Point is a dangerous place for Cadets accused of misconduct. Recently, a Cadet was convicted of rape at a Court Martial and sentenced to 21 years; however, upon appellate review, the conviction was overturned for insufficiency of the evidence. Basically, an appellate court reviewed the record of trial and was so struck by the lack of evidence that it determined the Cadet was actually not guilty (news story available here).

An appellate court overturning a verdict for insufficiency of the evidence is extremely rare because of the deference given to juries and trial courts. This happening to a West Point verdict is an indication that it is difficult to get a fair trial there. Therefore, any Cadet facing allegations of misconduct should consider immediately hiring an experienced lawyer familiar with West Point to best situate themselves for success.

Graduates of West Point find themselves serving in positions of increased responsibility throughout their careers. Often times Graduates in these positions find themselves under investigation for allegations made by subordinates.  Any Officer in this situation should be concerned of potentially career altering effects.  Hiring an experienced lawyer familiar with Officer investigations in the Military can help save his/her career.

Attorney Matthew Barry graduated from West Point in 2008 and served in the Army for 11 years.   He is an experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable West Point Defense Lawyer.

A colleague of Attorney Barry recently wrote the following:

"Matt is a fantastic lawyer with a tremendous amount of experience. His West Point background coupled with his military experience gives him a comprehensive understanding about the way military commanders think. This definitely gives him an edge in the court-room, and it is proven with his results."

Whether a Cadet or Graduate is facing a Court Martial, some other form of punishment, is under investigation, or simply has a question, Attorney Barry is a valuable resource.

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