Record Corrections

Record Corrections

Each Service has a Board established by their respective Secretaries. The Army has the Army Board for Correction of Military Records, the Navy and Marines have the Board for Correction of Naval Records, the Air Force has the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records, and the Coast Guard has the Board for Corrections of Military Records of the Coast Guard.  These Boards can make virtually any correction to a Military Record.  Common applications include the following issues: requesting medical separation to be changed to medical retirement, requesting relief of a military debt (recoupment challenge), requesting a rank increase in retirement, challenging a reduction in rank, requesting an award or decoration (i.e. purple heart), requesting a change of a Re-entry code, requesting money owed to the Veteran while in service, etc.  These are just examples and these Boards can grant a wide variety of relief for Veterans.

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Why Representation Matters

At all of these Boards, the burden of proof is on the Veteran to show that an error or injustice occurred. Furthermore, everything that is in the Veteran's record is presumed correct.  Convincing these Boards to grant relief is challenging. A Veteran's record correction request must be written well and appropriately address the primary issues.

Furthermore, legal analysis from a Military Lawyer is often required to explain to the Board that an error or injustice has occurred.

The military publishes  review board decisions, available at this link. Because of the burden of proof, the majority of applications are denied.  The low percentage of relief granted makes legal representation even more important to maximize a Veteran's chances.

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