Security Clearance Revocation

What is it?

Servicemembers have a variety of different types of security clearances. When the Command moves to revoke a servicemember’s security clearance, their career is immediately in jeopardy. Many servicemembers they cannot perform their jobs without their security clearances.

The security clearance revocation process is often combined with many other types of actions (Courts-Martial, Investigations, Letters of Reprimand, etc). Often times revoking a security clearance is the command’s last attempt to unjustly punish a servicemember and ensure that they cannot advance in the military.

Why Representation Matters

Servicemembers are allowed to appeal a revocation. The process varies depending on the population, so consulting with a lawyer is always a good idea when a servicemember is notified about a security clearance revocation.

Servicemembers will have military counsel (public defenders) available to assist them with their response. The attorneys assigned to assist servicemembers in security clearance revocation matters are generally very new to the service. Often times it is their first assignment in the JAG Corps.

Written advocacy is a skill. A servicemember’s appeal must be written well, appropriately address the revocation reasons, and give the appeal authority a picture of the servicemember as a whole. Outside evidence and letters of recommendation can be powerful.

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