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Military Discharges

There are three types of administrative discharges from the military: Honorable (HON), General Under Honorable Conditions (GEN), and Other than Honorable (OTH). A former servicemember with a GEN or OTH is not eligible for all VA benefits for that period of service. For example, if a Veteran has a GEN Discharge, they will lose all education benefits for that period of service, including the Post 9/11 GI Bill. If a Veteran has an OTH Discharge, it is a complex internal VA analysis; however, all benefits are in jeopardy for that period of service.

There are also two types of punitive discharges from the military:  Bad Conduct (BCD) and Dishonorable (DD).  A former servicemember with a BCD or DD is generally not eligible for benefits for that period of service.

Veterans can apply for a discharge upgrade to regain lost benefits.  If a Veteran has already applied for benefits and been denied, they can also appeal that decision.

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Why Representation Matters

Former Servicemembers are able to petition for a discharge upgrade. It can be challenging to figure out how to do this. The VA has a helpful tool for Veterans that assists them. It can be found at va.gov. While this tool is helpful, Veterans should still consider hiring a discharge upgrade lawyer to help them with their petition.

Written advocacy is a skill. A Veteran's discharge upgrade request must be written well, appropriately address the separation reasons, and give the upgrade authority a picture of the Veteran as a whole. Outside evidence and letters of recommendation can be powerful.

Furthermore, there are often legal errors in a Veteran's military record that he/she is unaware of.  Hiring a discharge upgrade lawyer to review a Veteran's military record can help identify and explain any legal errors, increasing the chances of a successful discharge upgrade.

The military has started publishing the discharge review board decisions, available at this link. A review of the results demonstrates that the boards do grant relief; however, the percentages are not high.  It therefore is important to get the assistance of a lawyer to maximize a Veteran's chances.

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