Reentry Codes in the Army

Reentry Codes in the Army

June 1, 2020

Reentry codes in the Army are governed by AR 601-210, available at this link. 

A reentry code is a number that is placed on a Soldier's DD214 that indicates their eligibility for reenlistment after a period of service.  In the Army, the following reentry codes are currently authorized: RE-1, RE-3, RE-4, and RE-4R. Officers do not receive an reentry code.

An RE-1 is given to a Soldier who completes his or her term of Service and who is considered qualified to reenter the U.S. Army.  A Veteran with an RE-1 will be able to reenlist, assuming they are otherwise qualified.

An RE-3 is given to a Soldier who is not considered fully qualified for reentry or continuous Service at the time of separation.  However, this disqualification of reentry into the Army can be waived.  Any Veteran with an RE-3 should talk to their local recruiter regarding a waiver if they desire to reenlist in the Armed Forces.

An RE-4 is given to a Soldier who is separated from their last period of service with a non-waiverable disqualification.  This could include a Soldier with a bar to reenlistment in effect at the time of the separation or any Soldier separated for any reason except for a normal ETS.  A Veteran with an RE-4 is ineligible to reenlist.

An RE-4R is given to a Soldier who retires for length of service.  A Veteran with an RE-4R is ineligible to reenlist.

AR 601-210 was updated on 31 August 2016 and only the above codes can currently be given.  A Veteran discharged before the date of the regulation may have a different reentry code not listed above.  Any Veteran in this situation who has questions about their reentry code should contact a military lawyer today for more information.

Veterans with an RE-3 or RE-4 may want to apply to have these codes changed.  To do so is complicated and the process is explained at this link.

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