Can the Military fire you?

Can the Military fire you?

June 15, 2020

Can the military fire you? The answer is yes.

However, one thing that Servicemembers often take for granted is that they generally have much more due process than civilians do before they can be fired.  Congress, and each Service, have defined procedures that must be followed before a Servicemember can be kicked out of the military.

For no apparent reason, each Service has different procedures that must be followed.  The process to fire an Officer is different than the process to fire an Enlisted member.  Additionally, it generally becomes more difficult to fire a Servicemember the longer that they serve.  For a detailed discussion of each Service's procedures, see each link below:

Army Officers

Army Enlisted Members

Marine Officers

Marine Enlisted Members

Navy Officers

Navy Enlisted Members

Air Force Officers

Air Force Enlisted Members

Coast Guard Officers

Coast Guard Enlisted Members  

Additionally, if a Servicemember is facing a Court-Martial, he/she is most likely at risk of getting discharged with a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge. That being said, it is possible for a Servicemember to be facing a Court-Martial without fear of also getting discharged.   Click here to learn more about the Court-Martial process.

Any Servicemember that is asking themselves the question "can the military fire you" should immediately consult a military lawyer. Effective legal representation can save a Servicemember's career.

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