Fort Campbell Military Lawyer

Fort Campbell Military Lawyer

October 27, 2020

Fort Campbell Military Lawyer

Attorney Matthew Barry and Attorney Lawrence Willard are both experienced Fort Campbell Military Lawyers.  They are familiar with the base and have a long history as advocates for Soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, 5th Special Forces Group, and other tenant units.

Attorney Barry was stationed at Fort Campbell as a JAG at the Fort Campbell Legal Assistance Office. In this capacity, he helped Soldiers, families, and retirees with various legal matters. He was subsequently assigned as a Trial Counsel with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). After this brief assignment, he became a Defense Counsel at the Fort Campbell Field Office. In this position, he defended Soldiers at various legal proceedings (Courts-Martial, Administrative Separations, etc.) for two and a half years. Attorney Barry gained a reputation at Fort Campbell amongst Soldiers and the legal community as an effective and capable advocate.

After retiring from the Military, Attorney Barry set up his law practice in Nashville so he could continue to be an effective Fort Campbell Military Lawyer.

Attorney Willard was stationed at Fort Campbell as a Defense Counsel, overlapping with Attorney Barry. Much like Attorney Barry, Attorney Willard developed a reputation as an aggressive and incredibly effective advocate for Soldiers accused of misconduct.  After Attorney Willard PCS'd, he continued to get requests to represent Soldiers accused of misconduct at Fort Campbell, because of his stellar reputation.  Soon after, he decided to pursue being a Defense Counsel for Soldiers full-time, leaving the Military and reuniting with Attorney Barry.

Fort Campbell “Eagle Justice”

Attorneys Barry and Willard have noticed that Fort Campbell has become a dangerous place for Soldiers accused of misconduct. The 101st Airborne Division’s top lawyer has branded the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate's motto as “Eagle Justice.” Despite calling it “Eagle Justice,” there is currently a climate where Soldiers are presumed to be guilty after any sort of accusation. Commanders and their corresponding JAGs have become overly aggressive with prosecutions, separations, and other military punitive actions.

Additionally, and perhaps more tragically, Fort Campbell leaders and JAGs have consistently failed to appropriately consider mitigating factors for Soldiers accused of misconduct. Specifically, Attorneys Barry and Willard have noticed a failure to consider the effects of combat on Soldiers once they return home. It is their opinion that Fort Campbell Leaders are willing to send Soldiers to combat, but unwilling to deal with the negative effects on these Soldiers once they return home. Instead of trying to help Soldiers who are struggling, the Command will often immediately jump to punishing them. This environment, which seems to be getting worse instead of better, makes it very important for Soldiers at Fort Campbell accused of misconduct to be represented by an experienced military attorney.

Recent Fort Campbell Case and Testimonial

The 101st Airborne Division pursued a separation board against a SFC after an inadequate CID investigation.  Attorney Barry uncovered 8 eye witnesses that CID did not, ultimately resulting in the allegations being unsubstantiated and the accused being retained in the Army.

"Mathew Barry helped me with a case with ludicrous accusations that were all proved to be false by Mr. Barry. Without him, I would not of been successful. If your career is in jeopardy, do yourself a favor and retain Mr. Barry. He is a stand out in his profession, and will expertly defend your needs. He is a true credit to his trade."

-SGT, Fort Campbell

Office Location

The Law Office of Matthew Barry is located not far from Fort Campbell (Nashville). This allows in person meetings with Attorney Barry’s and Attorney Willard's Fort Campbell clients. Many military lawyers hired by Soldiers are remote and can only conduct phone conversations. In these cases, the Soldier usually only sees his lawyer for required hearings. This, by its very nature, can limit advocacy.

Review Attorney Barry’s and Attorney Willard's Results and Testimonials, many from Fort Campbell clients, for specific information.

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