Fort Knox Military Defense Lawyer

Fort Knox Military Defense Lawyer

October 27, 2020

Attorney Matthew Barry is an experienced Fort Knox Military Defense Lawyer.

Fort Knox is a unique installation with a variety of units located there.  Notably, the United States Army's Human Resource Command, Cadet Command, and Recruiting Command are all headquartered at Fort Knox.  These are massive organizations with Soldiers assigned to them all over the country.  What this means is that a Soldier assigned to one of those units, but stationed somewhere else, may have to travel to Fort Knox to be accused of misconduct.  When this happens, the Soldier in question has a greater risk of career ending consequences because Fort Knox leadership knows nothing about them whatsoever.

Soldiers accused of misconduct at Fort Knox will have Trial Defense Counsel available to them (TDS).   These are JAG officers who are assigned to perform duties as a Defense Attorney.  TDS lawyers can be very good; however, they can also be very bad.  Regardless of their competence, almost all TDS lawyers are very inexperienced.  JAGs are only assigned as TDS counsel for two years.  This means that, at most, a TDS counsel will only have 1-2 years of experience when handling a Soldier's case.

Fort Knox's TDS office is also smaller than many other installations.  Furthermore, Courts-Martial and other military justice proceedings are less common  there.  Therefore, it is unlikely that TDS counsel at Fort Knox will have much experience, at all.   This should concern any Soldier facing misconduct allegations .

Any Soldier under investigation or facing any type of military justice proceeding at Fort Knox should consider hiring a civilian Fort Knox Military Defense Lawyer.  Doing so will supplement their TDS representation with years of experience.

Attorney Matthew Barry was in the Army for 15 years.  After graduating West Point, he served as a Military Intelligence Officer and a JAG.  For his final assignment, he was a TDS counsel at the 101st Airborne Division.  Retiring as a Major, Attorney Barry started his own law practice, exclusively practicing Military Law.   Click to review some of his previous cases and former client reviews.

Attorney Barry's office is located in Nashville, TN.  He does not charge travel fees for Soldiers facing misconduct allegations at Fort Knox.  Additionally, his proximity to the base allows in-person meetings with his Fort Knox clients.  Many military lawyers across the country only meet with their clients at required hearings, due to their location.  This, by its very nature, limits advocacy and effectiveness.

Consider this testimonial from a former Army Recruiter:

“I tested positive for cocaine twice and the command initiated separation proceedings against me. The Government was seeking an other than honorable discharge. Attorney Barry fully investigated the circumstances of my urinalysis test, to include reviewing my complete mental health records. In do so, he discovered a number of important details pertaining to my case, my command’s failure to follow the recommendations of my behavioral health providers, and several other failures of my command to take care of me. Because of Attorney Barry’s hard work and advocacy, I was retained in the Army and allowed to medically retire.”

-SFC, Army Recruiter

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