Fort Moore/Benning Military Defense Lawyer

Fort Moore/Benning Military Defense Lawyer

October 27, 2020

Fort Moore/Benning Military Defense Lawyer

Attorney Matthew Barry and Attorney Lawrence Willard are both experienced Fort Moore/Benning Military Defense Lawyers.  Over the years, they have handled numerous cases at Fort Moore/Benning and are familiar with the base and its units. Attorney Willard was even a JAG prosecutor at this installation, giving him further insight how military justice works there.

Fort Moore/Benning is a massive installation with many different types of units; however, there is a large TRADOC population there, making it a potentially dangerous environment for those accused of crimes.   As many Soldiers are aware, allegations are often handled differently by a TRADOC unit compared to an operational unit.  An accusation that would normally be unfounded at an operational unit can easily be blown out of proportion and handled with a heavy hand by TRADOC units.  This is likely because of "Big Army's" attention being on TRADOC units, forcing them to take action when they otherwise would not have.

An example of this relating to Fort Moore/Benning is Drill Sergeant Misconduct.  Allegations against Drill Sergeants will often capture the attention of Congress and the media.  In turn, this causes the units to take harsher action than is actually deserved.  An allegation against a Drill Sergeant that would normally be a counseling statement can quickly blow up into a Court-Martial because of attention from Congress, the news media, and higher commands.

Additionally, there is a large trainee population at Fort Moore/Benning (basic training, airborne school, infantry officer basic training, etc.).  These types of environments are ripe for misconduct allegations.  Officers and Soldiers will often socialize with their peers going through the same training during downtime.  For a variety of reasons, this inevitably leads to accusations of misconduct between students and between instructors and students.  These types of allegations immediately jeopardize the career of those accused.

Any Officer, NCO or Soldier accused of misconduct at Fort Moore/Benning should act immediately.  He/she should consider consulting with an experienced Fort Moore/Benning Military Defense Lawyer. As discussed above, Fort Moore/Benning is a dangerous place to be under investigation.  Legal advice provided early on and during an investigation ensures that the Soldier makes all the right moves and gives them the best chance to come out of the investigation unscathed.

Attorney Matthew Barry is an experienced Fort Moore/Benning Military Defense Lawyer.  He served in the Army for 15 years and is a retired Major.  Upon retiring, he formed his own law practice that focuses on representing active duty Servicemen and Women. He provides worldwide representation for Servicemembers accused of misconduct.

Attorney Lawrence Willard is also an experienced Fort Moore/Benning Military Defense Lawyer.  He served in the Army for almost 7 years.  Before becoming a Defense Counsel at the 101st Airborne Division, he was a JAG Prosecutor at Fort Moore/Benning.  This gives him a unique understanding of the Military Justice process at Fort Moore/Benning.

Importantly, for cases at Fort Moore/Benning, Attorney Barry and Attorney Willard's office is within driving distance.  They do not charge their Fort Moore/Benning clients any travel fees.  Furthermore, their proximity to Fort Moore/Benning allows for in-person consultations. Many military lawyers hired by Soldiers are remote and can only conduct phone conversations.  In these cases, the Soldier usually only sees his lawyer for required hearings.  This, by its very nature, can limit advocacy.

"Attorney Barry represented me and my interest in a high profile Court Martial. Through out the long timeline the UCMJ prescribes. I was always informed and educated on the process and what to expect. He is serious and talented at fighting for his client, I am forever grateful of his guidance, work ethic and overall service. I would hire him again if need be and I definitely would recommend his services to any family or friends in need of superior legal counsel."

-Fort Moore/Benning Staff Sergeant

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