STAB Board Army

STAB Board Army

June 23, 2021

STAB Board in the Army.  STAB stands for the Standby Advisory Board.  It is a board, established by AR 600-8-19 (paragraph 5-18), which exists to reconsider enlisted Soldiers selected for and not selected for promotion.

A STAB Board in the Army has the same composition as a normal promotion selection board (paragraph 5-10a of AR 600-8-19). The board exists to consider records which were not properly constituted because of a material error when reviewed by a regular promotion board or records of Soldiers on whom derogatory information has been properly substantiated, which may warrant removal from a selection list.  Essentially, any Soldier that is or is not selected for promotion can be affected by a STAB Board in the Army.

Within one year of non-selection for promotion, Soldiers not recommended for promotion may request reconsideration, if they believe their record contained a material error when it was considered.  The request must be in writing and must clearly and fully state the reason for request.  Supporting documentation, if applicable, should accompany the request. The following reasons are specifically cited by the regulation as a proper basis to request a STAB Board in the Army:

  • An adverse NCOER/AER that was subsequently declared invalid in whole or in part
  • An adverse document belonging to another Soldier filed in the wrong AMHRR
  • An Article 15 filed erroneously
  • An Article 15 that was subsequently set aside
  • Court Martial orders that were filed in a Soldier's AHMRR when the findings were ultimately "Not Guilty"
  • A document was filed in the AMHRR that erroneously identified the non-select as AWOL or a deserter
  • Transcript awarding a degree was excluded from the records and not considered by the promotion board
  • Absence of an award, MSM or higher, not considered by the promotion board
  • A mandatory and error-free NCOER received by HRC in accordance with the specific board military personnel message that was not posted to the AMHRR

The following reasons are specifically cited by the regulation as not a proper basis to request a STAB Board in the Army:

  • Omissions of letters of appreciation, commendation, congratulations, or other similar commendatory correspondence
  • Documents that are not derogatory having been filed on the wrong AMHRR
  • Absence of documents (such as transcripts) written, prepared, or computed following the convening of a board
  • Incorrect data on the SRB
  • Failure to review promotion board files by the considered Soldier
  • Absence of the SRB
  • Absence of official photograph or the presence of an outdated photograph
  • Absence of an AER showing completion of a NCOPDS Course
  • A "complete the record" NCOER is an optional report and the absence of this report will not, under any circumstance, be a basis for reconsideration
  • Absence of an award for achievement or meritorious service lower than a MSM
  • Omission of an AER dated more than 120 days prior to the board convene date

When adverse information is discovered concerning a Soldier recommend for, but not yet promoted, and the information would appear to warrant removal from the promotion recommended list, a STAB Board will make a recommendation to the promotion authority for a final decision.  Before the STAB convenes, the Soldier will be informed, by memorandum, of the reason for the action and be provided a copy of the information that will be considered by the board. The Soldier will be given a minimum of 30 duty days from the date of receipt of the information to submit comments to the STAB.

Outside of the STAB process,  Soldiers that are selected for promotion may be recommended for removal from said list by his/her Commander or first Field Grade Officer in his/her direct line of supervision.  Any such request must be based on adverse information that is discovered concerning a Soldier that is recommended for but not yet promoted. The Soldier in question must be notified in writing of the intention to recommend removal. The Soldier may submit a rebuttal within 15 calendar days. The Soldier in question will also be flagged until a final decision is made.

Any Soldier considering requesting a STAB should consult a military lawyer before doing so to increase his/her chances of success. Furthermore, any Soldier who is notified that his/her promotable status is under review should consult with a military lawyer to assist with his/her response to either the STAB or the promotion authority.  While JAGs are available to assist, they are typically very inexperienced in these matters and generally over-worked.  Soldiers are allowed to retain Civilian lawyers to assist them in their request and/or response.

This Article was written by Attorney Matthew Barry.

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