Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer

Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer

December 5, 2022

Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer

Attorney Matthew Barry is an experienced Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer.  Throughout his long career, both in and out of uniform, Attorney Barry has frequented Fort Liberty/Bragg. Currently, his Office is located near the base in Charlotte, North Carolina. Attorney Barry has easy access to the base and is available to consult with any Fort Liberty/Bragg Servicemember seeking a Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer.

Fort Liberty/Bragg is home to several different units, including the 18th Airborne Corps, 82d Airborne Division, U.S. Army Forces Command, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, U.S. Army Reserve Command, Joint Special Operations Command, U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne), Special Forces Assistance Command, and several other tenant units.

Considering the number of units at Fort Liberty/Bragg, there are a large number of Courts Martial, Boards of Inquiry, Separation Boards, CID Investigations, 15-6 Investigations, GOMORs, Article 15s, and other adverse actions that occur.  Any Soldier accused of misconduct at Fort Liberty/Bragg should immediately contact an experienced Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer.

Trial Defense Services (TDS) does have JAGs that are available to Soldiers accused of misconduct; however, these JAGs are inexperienced compared to Attorney Barry. TDS is a temporary assignment; therefore, typically TDS counsel have, at most, two years of experience. Furthermore, they are overworked and have little time to devote to to each individual Soldier. Finally, TDS counsel are often afraid to do what it takes to defend a Soldier because of damage to their reputation in the JAG Corps, which they need to be positive in order to advance in rank. Therefore, any Soldier accused of misconduct is wise to consult with an outside experienced Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer, such as Attorney Barry.

Furthermore, Fort Liberty/Bragg is a dangerous place to be accused of misconduct.  Fort Liberty/Bragg is home to many prestigious units that often get called upon to conduct the United States' most important operational assignments. That said, Fort Liberty/Bragg units tend to pursue misconduct allegations with the same aggressiveness that they pursue their operational assignments.  This results in aggressive prosecutions of those accused of misconduct.  It is therefore even more important for those Fort Bragg Soldiers accused of misconduct to equal the playing field by getting an experienced Fort Liberty/Bragg Military Lawyer in their corner, such as Attorney Barry.

Attorney Matthew Barry is a West Point Graduate, Iraq War Veteran, Afghanistan War Veteran, former Company Commander, former JAG Officer, Bronze Star Recipient, Meritorious Service Medal Recipient, and experienced Military Defense Lawyer. After being retired as an O4, Attorney Barry pursued his true passion, defending Soldiers, and started his own law firm. Attorney Barry now travels the world defending Servicemembers accused of misconduct.  Attorney Barry only represents Servicemembers and Veterans, allowing him to be completely focused on Military Legal Matters.

Attorney Barry's office is physically located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This allows easy access to Fort Liberty/Bragg, and the ability to meet with Fort Liberty/Bragg Soldiers, in person. Many military lawyers hired by Soldiers are remote and can only conduct phone conversations. In these cases, the Soldier usually only sees his lawyer for required hearings. This, by its very nature, can limit advocacy.

Review Attorney Barry's results and testimonials, many from Fort Liberty/Bragg Soldiers, for more specific information.

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