Medical Evaluation Boards/Physical Evaluation Boards

What are they?

A medical evaluation board is the military’s way of beginning the process to separate a servicemember from the service for medical reasons. The process is long and confusing. To complicate matters, it is difficult to find people who understand the entire process.  The assistance of an attorney who understands the process can help a Servicemember achieve his/her goals.

Why Representation Matters

It is imperative that a servicemember speaks to a lawyer who understands the process to help guide them through. Some servicemembers wish to be retained; others are ok with leaving the service, but want to be medically retired at a certain percentage. There are several points during the process where the Servicemember is required to make important decisions (accept findings, appeal, gather more evidence, etc). Servicemembers should strongly consider speaking to an attorney before making these important decisions.

Servicemembers will have military counsel (Soldier’s counsel) available to assist them with their response. Depending on the size of installation, these attorneys may not be co-located with the servicemember making it challenging to work with them. Furthermore, the quality of these counsel varies greatly. Servicemembers have the option to hire their own civilian counsel to help guide them through the process.

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